Tracking words and dynamics in visual form, we make sense of complexity to create shared platforms for action.

We believe that helping people SEE helps people reflect, which informs increased consciousness and thoughtful decision-making. In the effort to shepherd our globe to a healthier and more sustainable place, every gesture matters. Working WITH you, we surface information and patterns that can inform processes of change.


We aim to increase vision and perspective, to impact cultural change through committed, enduring engagement.

By understanding context, building long-lasting client relationships, and bringing a high level of care to our work, we aspire to seed the soil of global change, one mark at a time.


Through our global network, we’re able to connect you with the right talent for the right projects.

We have the privilege to work with a number of outstanding individuals all over the world. We do our best to match your needs with our network’s skill sets. We also try to reduce our impact on the environment by finding a graphic facilitator who lives in proximity of your event or community. If you’re looking for a scribe, please feel free to contact us!


Please contact us for a complete client list.

Much of our work these days centers around education; we have long-standing relationships with universities in the Boston and Cambridge area, and with other educational institutions around the globe. We have also worked extensively with organizations focused on public health, technology, social enterprise, financial services, media, and community engagement, among others. We support clients across the public and private sectors, especially those with whom we can co-create over time. Relationships are core to our work; we treasure clients who value the depth of our expertise and simultaneously encourage us to prototype innovative approaches, techniques, and models to enhance individual and group enrichment through our visual practice.


  • Education & Learning
  • Youth
  • Civic Engagement
  • Technology & Security
  • Climate
  • Public Health
  • Agriculture
  • Financial Markets & Financial Inclusion
  • Human Development
  • Creative Economy
  • Social Enterprise
  • Systems Thinking