This approach is often used in contexts where groups move rapidly through intense learning modules that build on one another over the course of a session. The visual surround can help participants both manage the volume and complexity of the material they are engaging with, and enables them to make connections across different modules over a multi-day or month span of time. Often in these sessions, the visuals are tightly woven into the design of the overall agenda, and are used as tools in very intentional moments of individual and group reflection.

Our experience has shown us that the visuals help create a deep space for learning and attention, and also aid in the transition between and across various threads of content.

We have applied this approach successfully in the context of Executive Education, within sessions where individual and group learning is a primary objective. In these cases, we also co-facilitate the design, ensuring that the visuals are culturally embedded in a manner to serve sense-making and retention for participants.

We have also used this approach successfully within C-Suite strategy and visioning work, where executives need to be able to see and understand a very large picture, while still connecting with the constituent parts.

Recently, we are specifically exploring this application within EdX offerings, where visual surround factors into distance learning, potentially over months and years.


Envelopes, learning, context, education, immersion, retention